In this Global Emerging Market today, the product manufactures are facing a challenge because of short life cycle of a product. Re engineering the product or Development of product as become an ease using technologies. Reaching out to the customers, Employees and partners spread across all over the globe is not an easy task. In this era of Digitization, we firmly believe understanding machines, process and utilization of People is very vital, We use Audiovisual contents with Immersive technologies to understand the process better and effective. which in return helps to increase the productivity & Quality. Effective training implementation in an organization can help in reducing time & costs for training without compromising on the experience. We have been implementing or various industry like Aerospace, Defence, Automotive, Heavy Engineering, Engineering Product development, Shipping, Power, Oil and Gas industries etc.

We at Reethis Digital Media helped our Clients developing CBT , WBT, IETM and immersive solutions ranging from 1 hour to 100 hours of Training Modules using latest applications. These are few solutions implemented for our clients on Technical Publication as listed below:

  • Maintenance Manuals
  • Safety Manuals
  • Product Manuals
  • Process Manuals
  • PR Material
  • Illustrated Parts Catalogue
  • Training Manuals

Our training and branding solutions would include:

1) AudioVisual ( Multimedia ) Training Solutions
  • Web Based Training ( WBT)
  • Computer Based Training application ( CBT )
  • Interactive Electronic Technical Manual ( IETM )
  • Interactive 3D PDF, flash application
  • 3D Product videos
  • Site walk-through & Animation
  • 4D & 5D Simulation

2) Immersive Technologies
  • Gamification
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual reality
  • Mixed Reality

3) IT Solutions
  • Learning Management system
  • Development using authoring tools
  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Customized Applications


    Solutions greatly help in reducing training costs and a significant savings in time and stress.

Marketing & Product Development

  • Communication about the product concept and operations to their potential buyers.
  • Users dwell in a most remarkable 3D Product configurators.
  • 3D can be leveraged to publish rich content for multiple platforms.
  • Distinctive approach using audio visual environment to learn about the support and services of the products.

Training & HR Department

  • User will be self-paced on-line instructions.
  • Users will be made proficient in performing the procedure.
  • Integrate high-end display and interaction systems to learn and engage them for longer time.
  • Training the people working on the shop floor about the appropriate ways and means to handle the product.
  • Investment in the Infrastructure can be reduced to very large extent.

Service & Maintenance Department

  • Accessed by the people sitting in diverse geographical locations and in different time zones.
  • Service technicians will be able to visualize and identify problems ahead of a job using these technologies.
  • Service executives would have remote access to authorities reconfirming on the service provided (QC).
  • Hands-free access to technical and expert information when onsite.
  • Empowering service technicians to do their jobs more safely and efficiently.
  • The Sequence of 3D-Animation shows the operator exactly all steps to correct the errors.
  • The operator can advance from step to the next within the rework process.
  • Support and service people use it to train their staff with the recommended maintenance and services tips.
  • It is appropriate for one to many users at a time, but is more commonly used for training large group of people in a short amount of time.
  • Training people on the right procedures of installation and maintenance.
  • Especially the companies having impressive global presence, can make the most of this innovative training concept which enables in effective education of the people sitting in different countries.
  • It captures the attention of the trainees for a longer period of time. They can refer to it as and when needed, it facilitates visualization of the entire product operation thereby clearing ambiguity and does not require the company to hire a special trainer.

Challenges Addressed

  • The conventional training conducted in the closed or on-line training rooms may get quite monotonous and fail to engage the attention of the personnel for the longer duration's.
  • The picture and script based communication might not bring in the necessary level of clarity which is required to efficiently operate the equipment.
  • Training people on the right procedures of installation and maintenance of any equipment are critical areas and evaluating them would be a challenge.
  • Standard power point technique to train the people has its own set of limitations.
  • The trainees are dependent upon the availability of instructor.
  • Repetition of training sessions is difficult in case of absence of instructors.
  • Trainees find it difficult to learn at single pace while its Instructor based training.
  • Investment in the Infrastructure.

For any such solutions we are here to guide you on the right direction which will be of great assistance on a longer run. You can email us for any assistance or call us on +91-8050044042

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